Scammer report - Arnold Benedict

Hello everyone,

Just sharing info about this scammer calling himself “Jarvee expert/consultant”

Found him at while looking for a VA and reached out to him. He said he’s not a VA and actually a consultant and promised resolving issues, blocks, etc and asked for money upfront.

Since he seemed knowledgeable and had high trust score at and we were desperate to resolve the issues, we took the risk of paying him in advance. After that, he failed to resolve the issues and kept making excuses and blaming it on us - typical bait and switch tactics.

Since we asked for a refund, he hacked into our clients’ accounts and changed their account details and stopped communicating with us.

Just found another victim that reported him for fraud also at

He said he’s an active member in this forum and if anyone ever knows him, I’d like you to help stop the scammers scamming other people. He’s also on Upwork and

Also I’d much appreciate if anyone can share how to avoid further damages he may do to us down the road with the accounts he hacked into?

Below is his information:

First Name: Arnold Benedict
Last Name: Mantos
Skype: Arnold Benedict Mantos


wow, he works for me. This is crazy, i’ve been hearing a lot of this

does he still work for you? ouch… any suggestions on the remedy if you also got into the same issue?

he’s worked for me for months, no problem. Great job, until recently i got a call from an IG model with mutral friends that he used my name and acted as me to get clients.

There’s been a lot adding up though, personally i feel he worked for me, saw how much i make and is just trying his hand at it and finding it’s much harder than he thinks

wow… sorry to hear that… what’s his username in mpsocial?
Seems the problem is he’s smart and he uses it for a short term gain very unethically.
I think we should ask the moderator to kick the scammer out and block his access to Jarvee and any other platforms. @Adnan

That clarifies why he was not communicating clearly instead of answering our questions directly when we questioned about why he set up our campaigns the way he did which looked pretty crappy… Fyi, he also sold us a google doc which contains how to set up campaigns to gain massive followers without getting blocks, and how to lift follow blocks which clearly didn’t work…

he also mentioned that “Dolly is on my 5000$/mo plan
Lewis Howes is on my 3500$/mo plan
Tragic is on my 1500$/mo plan” saying that he manages influencers’ accounts.

Yeah that part is really strange, i’ve never written anything like that. Here’s my IG @Theinfluencerceo feel free to DM me if you have any further questions. Maybe theres something i can help you with fixing campaigns. Youtube Bobby Krieger, I run a channel on automation so i’d be happy to help you

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