Scape users who have commented a picture

I want to scrape users who have commented a specific picture I posted. I saw an older thread but the option they talked about wasn’t available when I looked. Is there any way to do this. Also is there a way to scrape the people who have liked an image?

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It’s under the “contact” tool…

just use the URL of whatever pic you want them from.

Just FYI, one of your accts is showing in the above picture @wortime

If you don’t care, sorry for the waste of comment :slight_smile:

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Just a test account, but thank you for pointing it out!

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FYI, your question is similar to mine, and here’s the answer I got from @Adnan :

Note: I’ve never succeed extracting more than 1/5 of the total, and here’s the note from him, too:

EDITED: I just see it’s about IG but seem similar though. Yet, I’m waiting for more reply about his function, too.

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