Schedule Tiktok and Reels with Jarvee

is it possible to schedule videos with background music on Tiktok and Reels using campaigns without getting Copyright Strike?
i just notice there is no music option to add music for Tiktok videos

while Reels search songs not working probably to add viral music!

is it safe to add music manually on any video editing software without getting Copyright Strike?

thank you

Did you click the search button after you typed You? It works fine on my end.

It’s currently not possible to publish tiktok videos in Jarvee

Yes, you can’t add music to Tiktok videos in Jarvee, Tiktok will show that your video has original sound once the video has been published.

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i couldn’t find any song that I’m looking for, i have tried so may keyword title and/or artist

so I’d better schedule Tiktok manually even tho im gonna use Jarvee just for scheduling on insta and tiktok

thank you

I search bongo cha, and Jarvee shows a lot of results. You should clear songs, then do another search. You may need to scroll down after it shows the results.

same here, I tried bongo cha cha, then it came up with these results:

Did TikTok start working on Jarvee ?

Fixing TikTok is still a work in progress for Jarvee. The team will send out a newsletter once everything is up and running again.

Team support didn’t help it tbh
I stopped on using jarvee for a while now because of this issue and can’t use it on tiktok

TikTok made some changes, that’s why it’s not working, I contacted the support, and they said, they will remove TikTok from Jarvee.

We regret to inform you that the team has decided to remove TikTok Beta from Jarvee as we did not have it fully functional even from the beginning.

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I see
Did you manage to fix the songs issue on reels?
Thank you

Have you tried to look for Bongo Cha Cha? We were able to look up the song you are looking for using that keyword.

still the same issue! :tired_face: been months

Just to make sure, you did not just click enter and you clicked on the SEARCH button right there, right?

Have you reached out to our Support team with this one? If not, please write to them so you can be assisted better since we are not able to reproduce this issue.

You need to click on SEARCH. If it’s been months, you should really need to reach out to their support to give this issue attention.

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is this function still available? no right?

TikTok Is not available on Jarvee at the moment they have changed something on their end and Jarvee devs and working on it, but it will take some time to re-add it again but the IG reels are working fine

We have unfortunately removed TikTok Beta from Jarvee.

why remove a good thing?