Scheduling Posting on Jarvee & Others Reduce Reach?

Has anyone noticed if posting on a program like Jarvee reduces reach/shadowbans you vs natively posting on a phone?

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No, myself I didn’t notice any difference…

The content you publish, hashtags and captions can reduce or increase your reach. It’s just up to you.
Posting via Jarvee is same as doing it via phone.

From my experience it worked well with new accounts automating but if you’re already auto-reposting high authority accounts (Lots of followers) I find that it kills your engagement. I killed two 250k+ accounts automating content because I believe at one point there’s a certain aesthetic and amount of new content that needs to be aggregated.

edit: I also feel that Instagram prefers new accounts over old accounts so you need even more care for the mature ones to keep them alive and also growing.

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I have been using Jarvee for a long time now and i did not have that issue, from what i understand Jarvee was designed to simulate human behavior and actions done from the phone so why would be any different from using phone directly.