Scrap in Instagram for Target in Facebook

Hello, today we are used to using our audiences to create other audiences look like, or to make F / U or Like strategy to enlarge our audience.

Is there not a way to scrap the audience of big account engagement (with Jarvee it is possible) and then target these people via the FB Business Manager? On both Instagram and Facebook?

Create audiences after scrap follower of big account …

Do you think that is possible and how?

Have a nice day !

I’ve never done it before but it is possible. FB gives you the opportunity to upload your custom audience in a spreadsheet file or by copy pasting to create lookalike audiences.
Just head over to your Business Manager where you need to create custom audiences and choose the “upload from file” option.
You will see a sample excel file that has all the required data for such audiences.

Addresses are one of the requirements. Not sure how you’re going to get those data from scraping IG users though! I guess that is one of the limitations of this strategy.