Scrape 1000 photos from Instagram a day

Hey guys,

I’m looking for tools to scrape 1000 photos from specific Instagram accounts. Can Jarvee really do that without being a pain? (meaning putting 100 scrapers and solve them everyday).

I’m sure there are scripts also doing that, open to any suggestion! Thanks

SCRAPING IS WHAT I DO. I can easily do that.

Anyone else with a tips on a software doing that or a suggestion?

i can do that for free if you want

Yes Jarvee can do that, you can use the Repost tool and check this option and you should get all your posts with no issue, you just need to have good scrapers, proxies, and safe settings.

I know that. But it means investing thousands of scrapers while scripts and dedicated tools can do that much easier

Try 4k storegram

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I wasn’t sure it was working, but this is also the tool I recommend and used in the past to download thousands of pics. I would just say not to use your main account to login and use a slave

if target account is not private there is no need to login any IG in I think. and it does superb job. you should try once with free version.

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How tell me please