Scrape account delayed because the accounts setup to receive the scraped users reached the limit

Hey there… been receiving this message on my scraper accounts… the main account has 10,000 users to follow but i want the scrapers to continue working sending more users to this account. where can i make the threshold higher?

It’s not possible to do that because the maximum number of users you can have under follow specific users is 10000, you can find the settings in your scraper account’s Follow tool Settings tab. image
Why do you want to keep scraping? most people want their scrapers to make as few API Calls as possible. Besides, it will take months to follow all 10000 users you already have.

Hey, thank you for the answer, I’ve found the limit - really annoying that the maximum is 10,000
The reason i want to keep scraping is i’m using EB for the main account so something needs to be connected to API at all times - so if it’s already connected, let it scrape…
Why would you say it’ll take months? I mean - right now I’m following approx 200 ppl a day x 30 days is already 6000 ppl… if i’m thinking long term 10,000 scraped users will be out in less than a month after applying the filters >50 followes min \ only female. The filters are applied on the main account and not scraped users, and been working great so far.

Yes, it will be used in about a month and a half but until then your Scraper account will scrape more results so your source will never be empty unless you run out of results from the sources you’ve added.

yeah you’re probably right, i’ll just have to copy all the newly scraped usernames manually every once in a while. thanx.