'Scrape account delayed because the accounts setup

Has anyone recieved this msg? From what I can understand, it’s saying my accounts that are performing actions have reached their hourly/daily limits, so its stopped scraping. But it’s been like that for almost 24 hours… so it can’t be that. I’ve added new sources, and problem persists. Any insight?

You say it has been almost 24 hours. A full day is 24 hours my friend :). If you set it up to do the actions many times a day and it reached this number, then you can’t do that action anymore that day. Wait a few more hours.

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You must not seem to understand. It’s been saying that for almost 24 hours… i.e. 22 hours. No way it completed all actions for all the accounts I have in 2 hours.

I know you’re only trying to help, please only respond if you know what the actual issue is.

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That message isn’t indicating your actions have reached their hourly/daily limits. It indicates you’ve maxed out the specified extraction limits for that account.

For example if you have a scraper set to put in a max of 250 usernames into the specific user source of a follow tool. That follow tool has 250 or more users current sitting in its specific user sources…once the account in question processes enough of those names for the total to go under 250 then the scraper will start up again

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I thought this was the case as well, but unfortunately it’s not because its been 36+ hours now and nothing has changed. I also cleared queue on all accounts. Removed old sources, added new ones.

Hello, I keep getting this message: "scrape account delayed because the accounts setup to receive the scraped users reached the limit"

I deleted all scraped accounts in my main account and now it has only 35 new scraped accounts in the list, but the scraper account still doesn’t scrape further.

What do I do? Where do I find this list which has reached the limit? :thinking: