Scrape and unfollow - how to lower your follwings without impacts?

Hi all!

I’m following at the moment more or less 5700 profiles and I would like to go down to a more decent number. I decided to scrape followers and following, filter them by private accounts and start unfollowing mainly private accounts that are not following me back.
I unfollowed circa manually circa 100 profiles yesterday without any issue.

Today my post went quite bad… somehow is having a really low reach.
Can these two things be related?

Do you guys still do follow/unfollow cycles? Any suggestion on how to improve them?

:slight_smile: thank you for your help!

Yes, Im still using the F/U method but with the scrapper accounts and very safe and steady settings 3 to 4 users per operation and 30 to 60 seconds between operations and a max of 150 to 200 follow per day. If you keep getting blocked you probably doing something wrong like manual actions from the phone, aggressive settings or bad proxies.

How quickly do you want to bring the number of followings down? If it’s a slow ramp - organic looking - then it shouldn’t matter.

My reach has definitely been impacted by mass unfollowing in the past and I avoid it now, but it did recover. Maybe mass following is what normally balances it out?