Scrape emails from instagram profiles

Hi Guys & Girls, i’m working on new tool which scrape user data from instagram and i would like your oppinion about it. This tool can scrape user data (email & phonenumber), Let’s say you have a young makeup brand and you want to market a new audience. With us you can export followers of your direct competitors or similar brands and run one of these marketing strategies: - Run a very targeted email marketing. - Setup a very targeted custom (LAL) audience on facebook pixel.

  • Fast speed
  • Scrape up to 5 million emails
  • No installation or accounts required

Would you be happy to use this service ?

  • Yes
  • No

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already many services like this
im using one now that scrapes 2.5million in a few hours :slight_smile:


Is this service known to the public? @elogicuk

Edit: Is there a tool that can extract them from businessprofiles?

Please guys dont use my thread for advertising/disccusion other tools. Thank you !

can you share the tool’s name thanks

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Please tell me which!