Scrape FollowBack people

I have a tool “sociscraper” that help me a lot with scrape all what i want but it don’t scrape people who follow back and who dm us do you know any good tool that can do that ?

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Any solution ? I want to have it but i don’t know a software that provide scraping follow back users

You could use dedicated accounts inside jarvee to scrape for you

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But i don’t have jarvee only jarvee who have this option no other software even a website or something like that ?

There are other options friend, google is always there to help.

I searched a lot this way i found sociscraper…for now i use gmt2 but they have less option than jarvee

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try jarvee man, or maybe get a python script.

i searched and didn’t found even majority of provider have tools like sociscraper so there is only scrape for everything but not for the followback users and about jarvee it’s little bit expensive knowing that i use gmt2 but gmt we can’t export scraping with gmt


Go to Follow tool -> Results -> Update followback for all accounts -> export all -> filter.

You welcome


Thanks for the advice but is this only on Jarvee ? because i use GMT2

Sorry man, didn`t notice that u are talking about GMT2, never used before.

Is there any tool you know that offer scraping followback not abot just a simple tool like sociscraper… or a script ?

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There is no way to scrape users who followedback if you are not connected to tool which made a follow.
I guess…


How do you deal with exceeding the 1 million limit in excel?

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Get jarvee, it’s best for this

when i buy fake accoutns and i want to dm followback users even fake people that was already following me when i buyed the account get dm and i don’t want
i want just real users that really followed me back so do i have to block the fake people whenever i start warmup my account ?