Scrape Followers of Accounts


Looking to scrape followers of accounts in niches that I am interested in doing business in.

Are there any specific tools for scraping? I know about Jarvee, though I haven’t used it for scraping.

Also, I’ve seen that others use multiple accounts for scraping, if I use one dummy account to scrape my profile, will my main profile be affected in any way because of all the requests to IG?

Jarvee will work for that just fine for scraping followers of accounts. You can even get some scraping done during the trial period if you want to try it out.

If you scrape with one account, it is totally separate from your main account. It might be run under your same IP, but wouldn’t be an issue unless you are scraping for a really long period of time.

To be extra safe you can just run the scraping account thru a cheap datacenter proxy ($1-3/mo).

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Anybody have experience with Phantombuster?

I have my private one available for Linux if you need it (scrape upto 60-80K followers) in .txt format like @username1273 @username0028

So you can put it to single username liking or Following.

Worth a shot if you have a throw away IG account. Try it on new browser install on a laptop that you run with a non-main Instagram account using a different IP address (like an internet cafe / Starbucks)

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I would recommend using a proxy for scraping just because it’s your main account and it’s not worth the risk. This being said, from my experience you should have no trouble scraping off the same IP if you can’t get a proxy for what ever reason.

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Jarvee is all fine for scraping. But some people tend to have dummy accounts for scraping and then they will paste it to Jarvee. This is to prevent hitting blocks with valuable accounts.


I am not fimiliar with this scraper, but I encourage you to try Jarvee. I do not believe you’ll regret it.

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so have you tested this?

Can you provide your Linux based shell script