Scrape TikTok Large Accounts

Does anyone know of a way to scrape ‘influencer’ or big accounts on TikTok?

It’s possible to scrape the hashtag feeds and retrieve usernames that way and then get the stats on those, but i’m not aware of a specific tool that’s out there in the market that does this already. I have some private scrapers for this because a client wanted them. But it is possible.

The alternative might be to use some smart google search parameters, something like this will get you a bunch of accounts which have millions of followers: “m fans”

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Is there any Tik Tok auomation coming on Jarvee?

The MP team said they were “looking into it”. All of these IG landmines are probably slowing that down though.


and giving them and us gray(grey ?) hairs to( and wrinkles)…

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Funny you mention that, Couple days ago I’ve noticed a bit more gray hair and thought if there is any correlation to whats happening recently :neutral_face:

I have never heard of any automation software for tik tok but will definitely keep an eye on it as I want to diversify a bit more not relying mostly on IG. if the blocks get worse Ill probably look like Gandalf or Dumbledore

I mean tik toks popularity is peaking on google trends for quiet a while now it might even be worth it to open up a seperate section on the forum for it just to discuss some strategies


This would be so useful, I hope someone discovers a convenient way to do this.

I’ve been manually searching for influencers by finding a popular creator in my city and looking at who they follow. Most of those are popular creators as well so you essentially have a list right then and there.