Scrape Tool Skipping Users?

I’m using the Scrape Tool to extract additional user information + emails/phone numbers from a pre-scraped list of UserIDs. For example, the last list I scraped had 100k unique UserIDs (removed duplicates in google sheets) that where scraped from a geo-location. So all profiles are public except some that switched to private in the meantime.

After the scraping was finished I got 10k results (some with email/phone numbers, some without). As far as I understand the Scrape Tool extracts all the users information even when they don’t have email/phone and for the ones that have this information available it will be scraped additionally.

So I wonder why I just get 10k results? Very unlikely that 90k users switched to private or Instagram did a mass purge in that kind of scale. Did I missed something or is the Scrape Tool Skipping a significant amount of users?

This sounds unusual. You could share your scrape tools settings and results here.