Scraper accounts instagram

Hi there,

Trying to scrape using jarvee and bought 50 accounts from growmeorganic but cannot get to verify. Do I need ones with emails and where can I find?

Thanks for anything you guys can do

Why can’t you verify those accounts? Are they hit with captchas? can you log in to those accounts on the embedded browser?

What is the status of those accounts from the Social Profiles tab?

check Jarvee dashboard and see if you have any errors there when trying to verify the account.

Also, open EB as Ossi said and try to log in.

Hit with captcha and email, when I log in on the browser the captcha doesnt show? Its just a blank area

Thanks for your reply

CAPTCHA on social profiles tab

Jarvee dashboard ‘Error executing an Api Login Operating for ‘Instagram account 3’; Code 502 - Challenge required’


Check this thread about Captcha issue:

okay, now open the EB and see what verification IG is asking if it’s captcha and you can’t see the captcha there, you can check the thread that Jaha shared and you should be able to solve the issue.