Scraper accounts that don't get

Does anyone have a good source for scraper accounts that don’t get email confirmation within the first 24 hours? It seems IG has made some changes, and some account creators aren’t able to keep up with them… as I just bought 3 different types of accounts from a provider, all different prices, and they all performed exactly the same… email confirmation within the first 24 hours. Keep in mind, this is coming from a seller that I used to actually refer people to and consider to have HQ product… so if he’s selling crap, I’m pretty wary on who I will purchase from in the future… as people will tell you their accounts are HQ handmade accounts made with AI + 4g residential proxies + superman abilities… and will be the same accounts that get verification in 24hours.

With all that being said, rant is over, reply with reputable sellers that you’ve tried please.

try to change the proxy you attached to the scrapers
Good luck : )

so with hq proxy, scraper can do more than 400 api calls daily ( that is recommended as save number)?

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Bulk sellers accounts do pretty much the same, not sure that refering you to the next provider will solve the problem.

You should better try creating an account yourself, use it as a scraper, and then see.

You will know in less than a day, if he was selling crap, or not (:

Haha this is hilarious man.

For me the key with scrapers are 2 things: low daily API Calls and avoiding a ton of API Calls at once. What’s been working form me is having a max of 400 API calls/day and utilizing api limits. I used this setting on basically every profile vendor on MP Social and these accounts have been active for weeks. In addition, I even started to make my own scraper accounts and the settings still work.

Remember this: at the end of the day these are just scrapers. If you want to scrape a ton of data at once, there are for sure HQ accounts that can get that done quick. However, if these are accounts that are assisting your main account then it doesn’t take much to keep them active (you just can’t go too crazy).

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aside from the provider that off course need to be a trusted one, you need to keep in mind how you are using the accounts, can you try and create an account yourself using a good proxy and then do the same number of activities that you did with the other accounts and see if you will get any type of verification, just make sure to create a HQ account and see.

If the scrappers are dying, do enough split tests to know which settings work the best for you. My two cents, turn off full api emulation, turn off delays when api calls exceed a certain number, turn on delays when api errors exceed a certain number, and most importantly, don’t use the scrapper on the same IP. In other words, rotate your proxies every min, or use a rotating mobile proxy. It will make your scrappers live a lot longer

hey bro,
what is your api limts per day?
sometimes the scrapers are freshly made and you have to warmed them up
put 5 scrapers per account, 200 api calls a day
i hopw it will work well for you

why turn off delays when api reach a certain number?

your proxy is as good as your scraper if you use bad proxy you wont get good results.