Scraper Getting Compromised

Hello People, I have started getting a compromised message for my Scraper account from yesterday. Everything was working perfectly for 20 days on scraper and out of nowhere, I started getting compromised account, unusual activity, even when all the tools are stopped. I not running it over proxies because I am running only 2 accounts at this moment on Jarvee. Main and Scraper. Can you pleases help me with this issue? Best regards!

post your settings please

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As @maxyproxy said, we need settings. You might be doing too many actions.

Also, why use just one scraper account? Get more, get proxies, you’ll do less actions per account.


Did you change the settings before it got compromised? Also, are you logged in to the scrapper account on your phone/PC?

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No I haven’t changed anything, nor logged on my phone.

My settings are very low, I scrape like 150 accounts per day.

Please share screenshots