Scraper - My Own Experience and giving back to the community

Hi Everyone

I have been an avid reader of this group and has been using Jarvee for over a while now.

As a Christmas gift let me tell you what I learnt so far about scrapers

A bit of a background, I used 1k + scrapers and depending on Instagram I may have to refill them 0~100+ per day if a big wave hit 50% may need to replace. I have gone through more than 5+ providers and tested many things. And here are some questions, I used to ask and had to find the answers the hard way.

I used the scraper setting where scraper are tagged as scrapers and main are tagged as mains

  1. IPV4 / IPV6 / 4G Mobile Proxy

All of them could work. I personally have a bad experience with IPV6 and my sweet spot is IPV4. Your provider matters.
However, I do have a friend who uses IPV6 3 Scraper per IP with 0 issues, while I could barely maintain a 1-2 scraper per IPV6.
I also have a friend who runs 25-100 scraper per mobile proxy who got hit a few days ago and over 50%+ died. While I didn’t get hit. The next day I got hit, his one survived. Anomaly? Setting Factors? too many factors indeed.

  1. If I could verify my scraper (TL/PV) will it make it stronger?

Two months ago I would say YES. And I think it does still up to a certain agree. However, a month ago I have stopped. And simply increase the volume of scraper per main rather than verifying scrapers.
There was a time where I managed to have 70 scrapers per 100 mains. Those days were over. Maybe, some are still successful. Each to their own experience and success.

  1. Does the account need to have EMAIL/ PROFILE PICTURE/ PHONE CONFIRMED and they lost longer forever???

If you are creating child accounts, maybe? But for my scraping purposes, the longest lasting one I had is an account with a garbage name/unprofiled/no email.
So for me, the answer is it does not matter?

  1. "Woa!! A seller selling 35c scraper HANDMADE OOO HANDMADE 4g WITH REAL SIM. SO GOOD SO CHEAP. "

Look mate, maybe go to another industry. You will be passed around till you run dry.


I don’t sell scrapers (yet), but you shouldn’t blame the seller. If you buy a 15c-50c scraper if they managed to log in without Instant PV/captcha/TL. Then they are good accounts and the sellers have done their job. Your settings/proxies/ and how you use the account matters next. Dont expect a Ferrari when you paid for a honda jazz.

  1. 15c ,35c and full profiled scrapers?

I used to think fully profiled scrapers are the god of scrapers. But after churning over 500~1k per month. You realised it doesn’t matter. Although, recently I’ve seen a difference between 35c than 15c. The ones created 15c are used with fake e mails, therefore, they die faster, than e-mail verified ones. However, to some people fully profiled may be able to do 10k + API calls

7)What do you think to matter the most right?
For me, I’m testing volume+ settings +scraper quality

8)Where do you buy your scrapers?
I have tried adit/project/ private seller and they are all good and amazing. However, I got sicked of the costly way it is costing me ,so atm I am creating my own ones(maybe, will sell it someday but need more testing. When you realised how much it cost to make one, I decided that I might as well create my own, using more premium sources. More control/ better data for testing. However, if shit goes down, the above are my go to sellers!

Well, that is it for now. I have attached some images, as proof of what I do. Because everything I said above is garbage if in reality I only run 1 main and 1 scraper.

Oh and the last tip, be a sceptical potato. In our industry, you have to be smart. It is ok to trust, but know that you may be just being fooled around. No one will tell you the full answer, but they will drop hints, and that is a good enough gift :slight_smile:

Good luck! Happy Holidays Everyone!
More success to you

p.s. you all probs already know all of this so I guess it ain’t a Christmas gift haha


Nice post. I wonder why you didn’t mention keeping “quality control” groups. Adding scraper accounts but not doing any actions, just making them valid. This way a lot of things can be ruled out if they get banned or into phone verification status.


I’ve maintained this position for so long and I don’t even sell scrapers, this is very true.

Great post!


Thanks for sharing your experience. I used to think the same way about scrapers. Now I’m just using Jarvee Create Accounts tool to create my own scrapers and auto add them as scrapers. The tool has improved a lot compared to the time when scrapers were not needed.

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Great point!!

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When I was making accounts manually, I grew tired of making email accounts (Gmail challenges too), and then making IG account just to end up with a PV and then abandoned the account.

Will it be any better with the Jarvee Create Accounts?

How do you keep the costs low on that when it comes to proxies? Like if you were using 4g proxies to create 3 accounts on each max, wouldn’t that become incredibly expensive?

I personally don’t use 4g to create normal slaves because indeed it does become expensive, but for some special scrapers the ones that i grow then switch to full time scraper i use 4G to create 5 of them

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I don’t think you necessarily must use 4G Mobile proxies for scrapers. You can go with some cheaper proxies but I wouldn’t recommend using some really bad quality ones.

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