Scrapers dying fast... Looking for help

Been using jarvee for a long time and pretty succesfully up until a few days ago when my scrapers started dying really fast (not even 1 day after adding them…)
I was using IPV6 proxies from Proxy-Seller for a while and it was all good (scrapers lasting for a week or so which is reasonable…) My api call limits are pretty low:

These are the rest of the settings for the scrapers:

I’m now trying IPV4 scrapers but they are pretty expensive, anyone is having the same problem or knows what is the real solution?

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Have a look at the scrape pumping post. Its a lot more effort but you can hit 10k api calls on one scraper a day

yeah i’m going through it again and again, should try it…

did you succed in doing it yourself successfully?

you might consider changing your proxies and accounts providers that’s worth trying as well. I always make sure to do that it does help.

I did change the proxy provider, will try another account provider as well, thanx

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Do you create the scraper accounts yourself or do you buy them from an account seller?
Try unchecking scrape with the EB where possible on a few accounts and see if they will live longer than the ones which have that option checked.

you can try one thing as well, try to get a scraper account then grow it slowly just like if you are growing a main account (1k followers, likes, stories, comments…etc) then you can switch that to a full scraper, start with low API calls, work you way up then see how it goes.

thanx. will try that as well!

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Hi.did you pass this?

Was curious to know if you’ve found a workaround? I had the same issues too a while back, change my proxy subscription to a new provider, all’s been well after that.


As in no scrapers dieing or just less often?

Are you using 4g?

yeah, most likely 4G or a residential one, they have a good reputation when it comes to IG bans and stuff.