Scrapers getting disabled as soon as they're created

Hey all!
Recently got into scraping and M/S in general.
Bought a 4G rotating proxy for a week to test the waters, but as soon as my accounts get phone verified they seem to get disabled immediately. Could the issue be that I’m using Russian Phone Numbers but the Proxy is from Poland?

Even though I wait for the IP to rotate, the accounts still get disabled :sweat_smile:

I’m thinking I should start buying pre-made scrapers instead, but if it’s the proxy’s fault then the bought accounts will be disabled as well and go to waste. Am I doing something wrong? :thinking:

As a start, use phone numbers from the same country of the ip that the account is currently on, if not you will get that 24h bullshit and later you will account will be 100% disabled.And this will happen even after creation or for old account, if the account is logged in in a certain country and you use a phone number from another country then the same thing will happen again, in the past it was easy, you could use any number from any country and now things have changed.

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Do you really think this is the issue? Very interesting. You have success with getting 0 reviews if you use the same location of phone number per IP?

Start creating them the exact same way but with your own phone 4G connection and buy a local Simcard. If that also causes issues, it might be your creation method.

Regarding the Simcards, it depends heavily on your country and the provider. Some providers put used phone numbers that got disabled right back into the pool, which causes a big overlap in phone numbers.

Other countries and/or providers have bigger pools and can keep those numbers back in the line. Our team observed that behavior especially when it comes to google accounts (google play store). Some of the simcards in Asia showed that problem, while in Austria its less of a problem.

If you want to keep making account with phone numbers attached a good old research into your providers and how big their phone number pools are will help you make proper decisions.

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Yes i have hundreds on accounts created by me like 2 years ago, i put them on a seperate google chrome each of them, but when it comes to pv, i open them on my local ip and i use real local sim cards for pv them and i never had this 24h review, while each time i try to use temporary phone numbers or fake ones from a certain website that used to work before it gives me the 24h bullshit now, i also tried real sim cards of my friends from other countries to pv while opening my accounts on my local ip and also gave me this 24h, so the only way 1000% working for me is the sim card and the ip that the account is open on to do the pv must match, good luck!

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I use real sim cards. They just aren’t always from the same country as the IP.
Hmm. Have you tested real sims with other country’s IP’s?

as i said above, yes, i tried real sim cards of my foreign friends from other countries for pv while the account is open on my local ip not same country as theirs and it gave the 24h review


Thanks for the tip, friend! :slight_smile:


Are SIM cards that cheap? I see many people saying that they use real SIM cards but they cost around $7 here :sweat_smile:, let alone ordering from another country to be delivered to you.

Wouldn’t the subnet net flagged if you create mass accounts on the same 4g modem? Or is that only if you use the sim as a proxy?

That depends on the carrier. But in his particular case, he is not even able to create a single one, which is why I recommend this course of action.

Mass creation is always a tricky topic since you are cannibalizing your own infrastructure. Don’t shit where you eat :sweat_smile:

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Don’t rotate your proxies.

Remember to act like a real user. They don’t connect from IP addresses all over the place.

I use the same proxies for months with no issue when I use the same Instagram login on the same IP.

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Good point, that is exactly why we recommend our customers to go with “real” Raw-Mobile proxies and not forced rotation nonsense. Right tool for the right job (yes I know there is cases where it is useful).

But sadly people throw around the term Raw-Mobile (which actually was first used by me ~2018) but totally miss the point what it is. Perfect example of copy pasting sales thread information :smiley:


Thanks for the extra info :smiley: !
I thought that when you rotate your IP you seem to be a different user though? Isn’t that the case?

In my mind I basically had it like :

  • User 1 uses IP 1 to Register, then waits 5 minutes to rotate.
  • With a different IP now, he creates a second account, appearing as someone else.
  • IP rotates again, he appears as someone else and creates a third account.
  • And so on…

From an IP-only perspective, Yes.

From an ecosystem perspective, No.

You don’t need Phone number from the same country when you are creating, that is total BS.

This only applies if you get Captcha doing Follow/Unfollow - then yes, you need same country phone number.

I won’t tell you which country I use, but all I will say is the phone numbers I use is from a different country than my cheap ipv6 I use to create it :slight_smile:

Using Jarvee Create Account too, 90% success

Also 4G causes Captcha more than ipv6 and ipv4 on JV, dont use it to create. For me it causes Captcha 90% of the time

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