Scrapers having email confirmations

Hey guys, I’m pretty much getting Daily email confirmations with my scraper accounts (first time using them)
I don’t have them on proxies, do you think this is the reason why?
Pls, send help xD


How many IG accounts in total you have on your home IP, if you are not using proxies? It’s not recommended to use multiple IG accounts from same IP, IG doesn’t like that.

3… but I have a 4g connection. Im probably just doing it wrong xD

Are they currently running all at the same time? Maybe put those accounts manually in night modes to separate their exposure. If you want to pinpoint the issue fast, reduce it to one per IP and see if the problem persists over time.

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also, you need to keep in mind the number of API calls that your scrappers do per day, the more one account does, the more issues it will face. try to add more scrappers and see how it goes.

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