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I’d like to know:

  • if it is actually possible to keep scrapers alive for a time over 3-7 days and…

  • also if you give the scrapers the same care you give to the main accounts. (For example using 4G proxies also for scrapers or Datacenter proxies for scrapers)

That is because my scrapers usually die pretty fast even on very low settings. If I use low settings verifications will come anyway, later, but they’ll come and usually cause the accounts to get disabled.


Yes, I was understand it like scrappers are will not last anyway and therefor people tend to already calculate huge losses of them.

I am interested. I’ve messaged you.

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Mine last ages but you need to have a good ratio or scraper to miam. At least 3:1. Your limits must be pretty low also.

You will be surprised that I use some of the cheaper ones and they last me awhile. Obviously when their is a wave they get hit as most do.

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Do you use datacenter or 4G proxies for your scrapers? I have not seen a big difference between them when using scrapers actually.


I use residential ones

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yes, you can keep them alive for a long time you can check an article posted by heroeslair about that.

Me personally what I do is grow the scraper just like the main account first until it has a decent number of followers and posts then use it for scraping and other stuff that way I can keep the account alive for a long time.

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Yes, thanks to you I got to understand the warm up process and I’m currently working on refining it, see what works, what not and just over all keep an eye on it.

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i’m glad to help let me know if you need anything else.

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