Scrapers not doing api calls

I have added 10 new scrapers yesterday and none of them are being used. It has 0 api calls. They are setup fine.

I had api delays setup and they stayed on delayed all day so I took them off and now they do nothing.

They are logged in. Set as scrapers, tagged as scrapers etc. So don’t know why they are not working

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@Bianca @Luca @Jaha

I suppose that the best option would be to contact support in this situation, as you will share more details with them so that they can understand why this is happening in your case :slight_smile:

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I have already. But they always take ages to respond. Sometimes 12 hours or more

Today morning I noticed the same situation on one of my servers. One server with EB scraping works perfectly fine, but the second server with API scraping has switched most of my scrapers to DELAYED status (300 out of 500 scrapers) even though they didn’t exceed number of api calls / api errors. For now I have unchecked “enable delay after exceeding ceratin number of api calls/api errors” option and manually marked all DELAYED scrapers as VALID.

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Do you have scrape with the EB where possible? if so, maybe the accounts are used but for scraping with the EB. You can check most recent successful API Calls from Social Profiles > actions on selected profiles > export most recent successful API calls. The EB calls will also be displayed there. Also, do you see messages saying that your scrapers are being used in Summary tab? I usually check the mainlogs when my account keeps getting delayed to see what caused the delay.

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Nah it only api emulation and nothing else. Its logged into both api and EB. A few of my older scrapers work but none of the new ones. I copied the same settings to all too

Yeah I marked to valid too and they just don’t do anything. Jarvee says they are working but dont

Also I noticed that one error message said one of the scrapers got captcha yet its still valid on jarvee and still is logged in and works fine in EB. No captcha

Can you load the edit profile tab without any error message on the scraper account you’re referring to?

Hey mate, when you said the accounts were created in good standing. What do you mean? Did you use the same proxies, software to create accounts, email provider, and are covering your accounts fingerprint? Making HQ accounts takes a lot of work. One of the most important things when creating Instagram accounts is having really good proxies. Actually in most cases that causes account downfalls is the quality of proxies. take sometime or a breather and take a closer look at the proxies you are using. Also, relax and test, test, and test combinations of proxies. Then, load the accounts into Jarvee and begin warming the accounts. Annotate the results to find the best combination and then scale.

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If they are staying on delayed, prolly too strict Delay limits. Try unchecking them all for a bit to see if they will get out of the delayed status and start doing API calls.

that’s weird, can you make a small video showing how you set them and the settings that you have because I will need to take a look there instead of just guessing, you are already familiar with Jarvee so there is no need to suggest checking the basic stuff.

The proxies are created all with different IP, I use very advanced anti finger print software. The accounts work properly as they are logged in and you can go on Embedded Browser and everything works fine. The issue is Jarvee tries to use them but nothing happens.

Jarvee support got back to me and ask for my api errors log so sent that to them

Ok super weird. All of a sudden they started doing api calls and were all at 300+ an hour and went to captcha.

They usually go to captcha after that api rate and I confirm and keep pushing them. But my issue is why they did nothing for 24hours and all of a sudden started to work with no settings changes

Those accounts were probably suspended from scraping because of API Scrape blocks. If the same issue happens again, try selecting those account in Social profiles > actions on selected profiles > reset api scrape suspension blocks.

it’s most likely some minor stuff that you did not notice at first then they started working, if it was a bug on JV I and other users would have noticed that, so glad to hear everything is working fine

I tried relogging in and it said

Error api login operation code 505

That it can’t access the internet. Yet on embedded browser its fine and works

The same happened with me too a month ago scrapers were not doing the api calls all settings were perfectly fine contacted jarvee team they said its about proxies. But i removed all accounts and reinstated and all worked with same proxies after that that was quite weird

I just deleted them and made new ones and added them and they worked. Don’t have time to muck around with this stuff. Maybe it was an api block of some sort