Scrapers suddenly hit by CAPTCHA after only 30-40 API calls?

I just bought 10 accs (outlook email verified) and got hit by CAPTCHA after only 30-40 api calls for scraping; it only happens recently! Did IG decide to kill all scrapers? I only do max 49 api calls / hr and max 300 api calls / day. I use zProxies.

The other 20 accs with the same settings, same proxies that I had since October are still running fine so far (although I know some day it’d die too but these new scrapers accs are dead within minutes now!).

Do you guys have any tips on how to make the scrapper not get hit by CAPTCHA?

Thanks a lot!

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Try using API limits in account’s Advanced settings, see if that helps. Yeah IG has really become very strict regarding Scrapers.

So your older Scrapers are still working fine? I’ve heard that older accounts are working better when used as scrapers but they are also getting some verification requests as well.

What kind of proxies are those?

I used ipv6 DC proxies - can this be the case? But my older accs are still working fine with these DC proxies.

I did. I limit to 30 Api calls/hr and max 300 api calls per day. But the accs got hit by captcha only after 40- 50 api calls. I use ipv6 DC proxies.

Can the proxoes be the issue?what proxies do you recommend?

the ipv6 is the main flag variable here you need to change… i even know some people are scraping using mobile proxies


yes, you can change your proxies and see, also, it could be the accounts provider as well, maybe you bought some bad accounts, accounts that were flagged by IG when created.