Scrapers Won't Stop Scraping

How do I get my scrapers to not scraper if all accounts are already done with their daily actions? My scrapers always give the message, that they are scraping users.

Are you using tagname scrapers? Can we take a look at when it says it’s scraping users even if accounts are done with their actions?

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Yes, I am using tag name scrapers. I currently have no accounts in use, but it would be written above, there were you would see all kinds of messages like the message when you have no valid API account available.

Do you see Jarvee execute an auto sync operation in your Dashboard > Summary before you see the scrape operation there? if so, you can disable the Auto sync from the advanced settings.

Accounts that have been added for scraping will always execute some scraping API calls because your main accounts are always doing some syncing API calls etc.

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Do you include tag name scrapers too or only scrapers that have been literally added as “scrapers”, since the option to import and add scrapers actually exist besides of the usual Instagram account import or add option.

I would appreciate if you could specify this since it is actually not possible to change accounts that have been imported or added as “scrapper” to main accounts wich have full excess to the tool section…

Thanks, I have seen Jaha’s comment first and I see what you mean. I honestly didn’t know what “Auto sync” does, but I will disable it then, I welcome for you help Ossi.

if you can share a screenshot of those API calls that you see on the dashborad so that we can see the exact issue in case you still have the same issue.

Do you still see your scraper accounts scraping users after you disable the automatic sync from advanced settings?

Have you reached the maximum number of accounts your are allowed to add in Jarvee?