Scraping account issue

Hey everyone, I got an issue with accounts used for scraping on JV (then fed to main) and was hoping someone could shine a light on it.

They were working perfectly for a short while, but now my mains aren’t getting any results. It would go (Search in progress…) and then it would just disappear without performing any actions. I checked in EB but the scraping accounts are fine and not blocked in any way (could browse etc.). I thought it’d be my filters, but after removing every filter its still not getting any results. Sources are fine too (likes and comments/followers of huge accounts). Any ideas?


I had similar problem with one account, i restarted JRV and it worked again. Also changed some settings like time to start working, I just wrote the time in that moment, as if it had to start working from this time.

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had the same issue earlier today, restarting JV worked for me…


Fixed it for me, thanks for the help guys!!