Scraping and Importing Into Jarvee

Seen a few people suggesting it could be a good idea to scarpe usernames on another account and then import to try and possibly avoid blocks.

Can you do this while still managing to see how well each account you are scraping from is performing? Like importing into separate lists almost? Hope that makes sense.

You can export the scraped list from JV including its information.

I think if you merge exported accounts from different sources, then you lost this granular information.
But if JV keeps this information, then its great.

Let me be the first tell you that unfortunately it doesn’t reduce the amount of blocks you’ll get. The theory was that since you’re doing less api calls, that it would in turn lead to less blocks. Its ot the case, I started using scraper accounts for all my licenses, and they’re all getting the same amount of temp blocks they were prior to switching.

It does reduce the resources being used, since you won’t have as many accounts scraping and sorting thru blacklists and whitelist. If you’re only running like 10-15 accounts, probably not worth the setup. But if you’re running a large amount of accounts, then I would definitely recommend setting it up.

Super insightful Klique. Would love to chat with you more about this topic!