Scraping Data with demographic

Many tools provide Deep analysis of accounts which is pretty good but what about if we want to follow only users of a specific country not all of the country users ? And how to find accounts that are on a specific area not Location method as not every account use it

Which country do you have in mind?

You can use Keywords in Name and Bio which are just used in the specific country/area/language. Or places which are mostly visited by people living in the country or city.

With english speaking countries it’s harder as more people use it in their name/bio but with some research you will find some “insider” words.

Local hashtags are also possible.

No but what about scraping only users of 1 country on a account that have lot of country ?

IG doesn’t make that information public,so you have to use what @roy pointed out.

You could collect data from these location pages

There is a video, How to Scrape Yelp Data to Excel. Hope it works for you. :slight_smile: