Scraping emails from Instagram

I want to setup a lot of scrapers that are run on very safe settings (im thinking less then 400 api calls a day) using a dc proxies with a 1:1 account proxy ratio. How many scrapers do you think i would need to scrape 100,000 emails. I dont need the emails to be very targeted, menaing I the accoutns wont have to do as many API calls to search for users.

you can start with 20-25 scrapers and see how it goes, the best thing is to test.

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I think you would need more than 1000 scraper accounts to get 100k emails per day. I get around 70 emails with 400 API calls as delay limit.

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Thank you for the insight! follow up question: do you find that for scraping emails it is best to have 1 account per datacenter proxy? Also, how long are your scrapers that are scraping emails with a 400 api call limit lasting for?

Depends on what software you use.
I can buy accounts for $ 0.10
And with 10 accounts, I am able to scrapping approximately 500-1000 email.
So for $ 1 this is a very good result in my opinion :slight_smile:

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Jarvee is the only software im aware of. What are some others? Also where do you get accounts for 10 cents? Ive only seen accounts for 50 cents.

Do you use the same proxy for all accounts afterburning?

And do you use ipv4 for this process?

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I do the accounts myself.
I don’t use proxy servers, I don’t care, add 10 accounts quickly, burn them in 2 hours and add more.
Why should I buy a proxy etc, it’s not profitable now.
You buy the cheapest accounts, add as many accounts as possible, do max API calls and scrapping.
Accounts quickly burn out and add more.
I use:
I have tried many scrapping systems.
But this one gives me the best results.

After all, people on this forum also sell accounts for 0.10-0.20.
Why do you buy accounts for 0.35 with email?
I wouldn’t even want to recover these accounts: D That’s why you waste your time and money in my opinion.
You buy the cheapest accounts without mail.
And believe me, you will do better results and it will come out cheaper, in my opinion.

You just have to try a few vendors.
Because accounts for 0.10-0.20 give different results.
It’s best to buy a small amount and check which provider gives you better accounts

Even someone wrote about it on the forum that it is no longer profitable to buy scrapping accounts for 0.35-0.50.
Search for this topic :slight_smile:


Thank you, very helpful! I probably try out a few different methods and a few different account providers.

hey man, how did you go? Any luck/advice?

If anyone is selling scraped emails from Instagram I’d be willing to buy! Orders over 100,000 emails only

Your api call estimates look plausible, but the use of DC proxies? Not sure. DC proxies wear off after a couple of API calls and return errors. Worst case scenario - you’ll likely be blocked from the website you’re trying to scrape.

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That was a year ago haha