Scraping emails using jarvee

Hello all, can you please help me with the best method of scraping emails of users who posted with specific hashtags using jarvee. Should i be using the follow tool or the scrape tool, should i use 4g proxies or can i use others. Is there a better software for that? Every suggestion will be helpful. Thanks.

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You will want to be using lots of scrapers, proxies can be dc or resi and the scrape tool can work. I would just message jv support and they can help you.

There are bots out there that are far better but very hard to find. If you find one let me know haha.

Depending on how many are you going to extract, you will need more scraper accounts to help in the extraction process. In my opinion, you should use the scrape tool.

About 2-3k daily. In your opinion how many scrapers would do the job and how many proxies. Thanks

That depend on the quality of the accounts and proxies, you may need between 50 and 1000 scrapers to scrape 2k - 3K emails daily.

Did you try to do it with Scrapbox? for me it worked even better

Can it extrack emails of users that posted with specific hashtags?

I scrape hell lots of emails daily. But trust me it’s gonna cost and needs a large setup.
I’d suggest use scrape tool.
Proxies and scraper would cost tons if you don’t have your own setup.
Use v6 if you have a limited budget and 4g for a better per account scrape ratio.

Would 10 v6 proxies be good for 30 accs or 1 4g proxy

4g proxy is recommended and you should only have a max of 2 accounts on a single proxy.

You can definitely use Jarvee’s scrape tool and if you have enough budget, you can opt to using 4G proxies as this make your scrapers live longer due to their higher trust scores.

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@Davidz2, I’d like to highlight as well that when using Scrape Tools, it will only collect the emails which are publicly written on the IG accounts. So if the user’s profile does not have any emails indicated, then nothing would be collected for that field and it would show blank.

This tool is very good for scraping in Google.
You can use the right keywords and to get urls from Google of the Instagram accounts
For example: “#pizza

I would suggest you buy 30 IPv6 proxies or at least 3 4G mobile proxies for 30 accounts.

i would say start with 50 accounts and good proxies then start with scraping 500 emails then check how many accounts got issues and how many are valid and see how goes from there

All you need is good account, I’m scraping with one account about 10-15K emails from any of the hashtags. Proxies are Important, but not that Important. Please DM me if you want to private chat there.

those are some good numbers mate 10 to 15k is not bad can you share some of you strategies here with us it would be helpful for many users