Scraping Emails with Jarvee

Hey guys,

Whats the best way to scrape emails via Jarvee. Been having trouble need to scrape around 100k per day have around 75 accounts and proxies ready.

What issue are you having exactly? Do you get API scrape blocks?
Do you set the scrape tools to use 75 accounts in parallel and what filters are you using besides emails and phone?

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With the API scrape blocks going on lately I don’t think it’s possible to scrape that amount with only 75 accounts. I am scraping about half a million a day with a setup of over 3,000 Instagram accounts.


Agreed. OP needs more valid IG accounts.

That’s great. Do you scrape emails too? How many accounts do you have per Jarvee instance?

I’ve been scraping for over a year now. I have my own software now but I started with Jarvee early on.

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How do I set all the accounts to scrape in parallel?

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In the scrape tools tab there is an option to set Jarvee to use X accounts to scrape in parallel


How does it know which accounts to scrape with when I put in a number?

You can use this option to specify which account to scrape with

Settings, Social Platforms, Instagram

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Make sure the tag name inputted is the same tag name you have on your scrapper accounts.

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Yeah agreed, with latest scrape blocks you need to have much more accounts that will do the scrapping.

I want to create an email list, how does Jarvee scrape the emails?

Hey guys!

Quick question, I’m having a little trouble with my jarvee scrapping at the moment. I have about 10 valid accounts for scrapping.

I have been scrapping the followers of accounts to get the emails, but for some reason every time I can only get around 3k-5k emails back from the email list and bio from the profiles!

It has been driving me insane and I can’t figure why it won’t scrape more.

Some help would be much appreciated! Thanks guys

Like this:)

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which software of yours are you using?

you probably have been getting some API blocks.

Go to the Social profile tab --> select the account with the issue --> Click on Actions on selected profiles --> Click on this button below then check if you have some API blocks there

just curious what proxies, accounts provider you use? do you use DC or 4g proxies?

It is best to use 4g proxies. Also you should only have a max of 2 accounts per proxy.

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which 4g proxy provider do you recommend? sounds like it’s gonna get too pricey to scrape…

Interesting! What kind of software is this?