Scraping failing? or is it just me

Using JArve, anyone else have to start some scrapes over again? I dont think it’s a big demand to scrape a following of under 5k but Jarvee seems to not finish the task? I’ve started it twice and it just says its in progress and will notify me when it finishes but its been over 12 hrs. My computer is pretty beefy too so idk what gives. anyone have any advise?
appreciate all help!

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Do you have this checked?


It scrapes basics pretty quick. I was able to scrape 2 million followers in about an hour. But that was basic details.

Yep, just checked to make sure and its checked :thinking: ill try it again maybe third times a charm

Are you using an account on a proxy? If so, use an account that doesn;t really do much and uses a good proxy. Datacenter proxies be sucking it hard and long when it comes to scraping. Not always true, but usually.


But no, no proxy, just using home IP. If it doesnt work by tonight I’m going to unplug to force a new IP

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Are you trying to scrape every bit of info available?

Send me a DM with the info you are trying to scrape and all that, and I will test it from my side

yes i was trying to scrape all info and it finally worked the third time. took fifteen minutes or so but it scraped 15k followers. not sure why it didnt work the first two times

Something I just thought of, maybe disable the “use ONLY API” under profiles when scraping (if you have that checked).

Thank you @wortime if it fails again I will definitely try that!