Scraping feature of Jarvee version v.

Glad to know this nice forum. I am a newbie here.

The Jarvee version is v. I can not find the feature of scraping uses (UID) in the Jarvee software.

Is there any software/tool which can convert UID to user email and phone? Anyone’s help will be much appreciated.

You cant see anyones email or phone this info is not visible in Api and by early 2020 Instagram plan to restrict reading even basic profile info, which will possibly lead to shutdown of many influencer platforms if they dont get authorization to use new Api which will be veryy hard to get.

You cant see it.
the only way you can see itif they put it on the bio or profile.

@iki Thank you for sharing the information. I think Jarvee should have the feature of scraping users (UID). As a newbie I have difficulty finding this section Jarvee version v.
@adrianleoh When I say “convert UID to user email and phone”, actually here I means the open/public contact email/phone on the bio or profile (not the registered email/phone which only visible to IG authority). We are wondering if there is a good software/tool like Scraper or extractor for this task.

If you go on “Profiles” -> select an account -> Scraping tools -> scroll down -> insert whatever username in the box that scrapes engagement and details, thick the box “scrape additional user info”, hit extract