Scraping / filtering question

Is there a way to scrape or filter out the verified accounts from the followers of an account?

Thanks in advance!

What software do you use?
The IG API response contains a flag indicating if the profile is verified or not, so I think most sofwares have the option to filter them.

I use the same exact software most of us do here. But I dont think it has an option for that

does anyone know how fast you can set your scrapers to scrape without risking timeouts?

Don’t know much about that bro

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Ninja scroll and blink every time you see a blue badge.

I’d prolly start off by using filters to remove smaller accounts. Although I have seen a new local newspaper get Verified at about 1000 followers.

Yea that’s the problem, follower numbers don’t mean shit. That’s how I wanted do it too btw

Good question actually, never checked it out but I don’t believe it’s available right now