Scraping followers of target accounts by country

Hey there.
Maybe anyone knows how it’s possible to scrape followers of target accounts but only from a specific country? can be jarvee or any other tool.

No, but you could apply a “logic” on top of the results that determine which country an account is coming from. Be aware that this requires additional requests per follower since just the bio is not enough in most cases.

care to expend on this issue? what logic are you reffering to?

You still have to scrape each follower’s data (new API call request) to pull off data like that which isn’t always ready-to-use. To know the country the follower (user) is from, you have to check their BIO language (with Excel) as well as use a LOOKUP formula for issuing a country name by checking the area code of the phone number (if it has one). Also, you can analyse posts’ captions (language) and extract most common tagged locations on the posts (but hey, people travel, you might get info of a traveler) - so BIO + Phone number are two good indicators that I analyze. That’s how I check the origin of country of some IG user. It’s also possible to check if user is female or male. But everywhere logic shall be used, as Instagram doesn’t provide such data, so results won’t be 100% accurate. :slight_smile:

Jarvee has an option in filters to follow users with specific language, maybe this works for you.

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There’s no setting or information that will allow you to do this.

What i’ve found is best is finding a page that you believe to be mostly containing followers from your target countries.

You can then also ask that page for a screenshot of their insights (% from US, Aus etc per country breakdown) to confirm your initial thoughts and this will put you in a better place to scrape.