Scraping in Jarvee: what would happen if

so if i drop a list of accounts into a scrapper account, that account has only a few filters ticked, and sending extracted results to a single account. if i use the EB to do all actions on this account, will it automatically use other API connected scrappers to perform all filters, and ultimately send results to the main?

Yes, that’s correct. When you have “use only embedded browser” checked, the account uses other accounts that are logged in via API for scraping, Why don’t you just add those accounts as sources on the main account directly?

Ossi is referring to the tag name method, it will allow you to add sources directly to the main account and still use scrapers for API calls that way everything will be much easier.

here is an article about that:

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Yes, accounts that are on Use only EB option can’t scrape so they will automatically start using other accounts that are on API for scraping purposes.