Scraping mail addresses based on bio keyword

Is there any way to scrape mail addresses of IG users that have a specific keyword in their bio?
I read that the function based on keywords doesn’t work on Jv, any suggestions on this issue?

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Yes, this can be done.

It is a bit more difficult and slower to check this as you scrape. A bit easier solution is to scrape a large amount of profiles, and than filter them after in your database.

If you need something like this, feel free to contact me, I do this a lot at scale.


You can use follow tool on Jarvee to scrape emails.
Check “Send to extracted users” in Follow settings tab, and use this filter:

Go to Extracted Users tab, check these two options:

Add follow sources.
Start the follow tool.

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Allright, thanks for the help guys! :relaxed:

Any thoughts how it currently only scrapes 1-3 accounts out of 50?

I am not sure if I understand the question, but from what I understand there are 2 options:

  • This way of scraping will go a lot slower. Like, a lot.
  • The accounts that go within the limits of the filter are less, so that’s why you get less than normal.

If you can explain your question better, I think I can probably help better :smiley:

These are my current settings and I extract users from the followers of a username. I tried to extract 1000 users, then, 200 and 50, but I still get a file with the info of 1 to 3 users. Already put my filters less strict, but the result is the same.

How many followers of an account will have between 10000 and 90000 followers AND have an email in their profile?

I you look yourself, can you see many of them ?

It’s an account with millions of followers, so I personally think the chance is high that there are a lot of them.

If you scrape from an account with millions of followers you need more than 1 scrape account…Especially if you scrape additional info. If you use 1 account it will take a very long time.

As a test you can also try to remove that filter about number of followers and see what you will get.

I am using serpdigger for this, it works great and it’s fast. You can scrape email by keyword + location.

Thanks @dimitri , just started with Jarvee so I’m still figuring things out, will use it just for scraping at the moment though.

I’m now using 5 accounts to scrape, and plan to go to 10 accounts, I don’t need huge amounts of info, just going to run it once in a while.

Does anyone have an idea why it randomly stops scraping? See screenshot below. I checked the API blocks, but there are no blocks.

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-28 om 18.41.57

the API blocks take some time to show, they don’t appear immediately if you check a few minutes after you will very likely find some.