Scraping Micro-Influencers for Manual Outreach

Hi guys! It’s been almost a year since I’ve last been in the Ig game, but I’ve come back with a specific project that I had no issues in executing in the past, but now apparently so many things have changed.

Like the title says, I’m trying to gather a huge list of micro-influencers (2.500 - 50.000) and export their info (mainly username, followers and e-mail) to a sheet.

This is the way I’ve done it in the past: I had an initial list of around 100 influencers that were the best fit for our needs. I would use these usernames and go to the “Users and Hashtags” tool, add the users separating them with commas and wait for an hour or so to get a huge list of suggested profiles. Sometimes I would be getting a couple of thousands in one run. Afterward, I would copy all those usernames and paste them In the “Scrape Tools” to extract the e-mail addresses and export them to a sheet on a local excel file.

However, now I’m struggling to achieve even one full run on suggested users of 2 IG usernames. Usually, the accounts get banned before I manage to do it. I tried playing with the API call delays, but I am not sure what impact that has when using the Suggested Users tool.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how I can execute this with scrapers, or let them run in parallel? Because it would be a nightmare to add one IG username to each account, run the suggested users tool, then go to another one and replace the scrapers when they get banned. I am not limited with the number of scrapers I can purchase, and I am using expensive 4G proxies just for the scraping. I just need help figuring out how to make this tool run in parallel and efficiently replace accounts when they get banned.

Any help would be welcomed! Thanks!

I would suggest you try scraping with the embedded browser. So, set your scraper account to “Use only the embedded browser”, and check the “Scrape with the embedded browser where possible” option as well in Advanced Profile settings. I got hundreds suggested users with these settings.


On it to try it! Thanks <3

did it work for you?