Scraping Millions of Emails from Instagram 2023

Hello, my friend recommended this platform to me so that I could assist people with the topic of scraping emails from Instagram. Over the past few months, I’ve successfully managed to scrape over 23 million to 31 million IG emails. Wondering how I achieved this? Well, I assembled a team of virtual assistants and together, we created more than 22,000 Instagram accounts. To ensure smooth operations, we utilized a proxy system that allowed us to change IPs approximately every 30 minutes. I enlisted the help of a team from Upwork, who developed a Python script that is still functional to this day.

Curious about the investment required for this system? It amounted to around 5-7k, which might sound steep, but the returns have certainly justified the cost, especially when dealing with high-ticket products. I sincerely hope that this information proves valuable. I’m not promoting any products here; my aim is simply to assist the Instagram scraping community as much as possible. I understand the challenges faced over the past few years, especially with the setbacks experienced after the decline of platforms like Jarvee and other prominent tools.


Nice Job! Thats a massive operation.

Do you sell the bot?
Do you sell the data?
Or do you offer scraping as a service?

And thats a lot of emails:) . Do you plan to cold email them or create targeted audience?


31 million? That’s an amazing job

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Thanks, yes its been years battling against IG and I eventually managed to crack the code.

In terms of selling the bot, I’m not interested in that at the moment. I’m happy to help with any questions you might have regarding scraping. I no longer use the emails I scraped, building atm something that doesn’t involve email marketing. In terms of selling data, I don’t think it’s allowed in this forum, at least that’s what my friend told me. But if it’s allowed I might be open for that.

In private message everything is allowed. :slight_smile:

Im curious I know for the fact that not all people have emails in instagram. So how many users you had to power through to get the 22 million emails? From my estimates less then 5% have emails but I might be wrong.

So now that you have the email, whats the plan?

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22 to 30 million emails after being filtered. In terms of data I managed to scrape more, but having data without emails for me it wasn’t of great use.

No plan at all for now. Joined this forum to meet like-minded people

are you in US?

currently traveling based in the UK, you?

You could have used MP for a fraction of that cost


What do you mean?

That’s an amazing feat. So you used them for a one time project, then moved on to the next one? I think it would have been valuable to see that doing that project connected to the next. But definitely kudos to you for making that scrape job work well in 2023. Those costs sound about right for the task nowadays, so its good to know you did something profitable with that.

I have done this too & my database has more searchable data

42m total pages & growing
I currently have about 1000 aged scrapers but only use about 300 at a time, have lost a bunch over the last few years, but rarely lose any now
Proxy cost about $100/mo

My database includes:
Number of Uploads
Date scraped

Most recent upload date(s)
Most recent hashtags used
Most recent upload descriptions
Geotag of recent uploads
tagged users of recent uploads
Upload URL


Good job! That’s amazing results

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That’s awesome results! I scraped over 2m unique emails from Instagram (over 5m in total).

In the past months I started receiving 401 Instagram error and Instagram log out my account (not suspending it or banning) just logging it out immediately.

This happens with 40 of 50 accounts I test, other 10 work perfectly on the same settings.

Also for example one account gets logged out instantly today and tomorrow is working.

Have you experienced similar problem before?

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I am not sure if it is allowed to ask this but if someone is offering Instagram scraping services please send me a message.

If not allowed please let me know.

Well done absolutely amazing :clap:

Insane! Very nice work.