Scraping niche specific emails from IG

Hey guys,

is there any smart way (besides Jarvee) to harvest and collect Email adresses from IG for specific Username followers or hastags.
I tried Phantombuster to scrape , it is working pretty smoothly but I only got like 2 email addresses out of 250 scraped accounts. Ho

Thanks so much in advance for your help!

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Why don’t you try this with Jarvee? If you don’t have it yet, you can use the free trial and test this through Jarvee.

Maybe there are only two accounts out of 250 accounts that have email addresses? I’m not sure how the software works. Is there a filter that can exclude private users like in Jarvee?

In Jarvee the results are exported as CSV file which is very helpful. Jarvee also has more options like scraping comments, posts, followings, posts from hashtag search. I don’t think people need experience to run The Scrape Tools in Jarvee. It’s very easy…

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I am doing this actively already.

Are you looking someone to do this for you or are you looking for ways to do this on your own?

Depends on your case, either of these can be more beneficial than the other.

Thx for your answers, I am looking to do this on my own, I already have vps, ig scrape accounts and ninjagram setup, now I am looking for a suitable way to perform email scraping. Jarvee is a little complex for that purpose, that’s why I am looking for an easier but still convenient and reliable way