Scraping problem (cannot scrape wwws)

So I have been scraping accounts recently and noticed that the scraped accounts don’t contain a www website for instagram anymore.

Now I am not sure how I’ve done it before as its been a while (could be the first signs of dementia or something lol) but when you compare my previous scrapes they did have different info.

Does anyone know how to scrape so that you get the info below

Instead of that?

On a side note it would be great if anyone knew how to scrape emails as there is an email field in the second screenshot above so it may be possible.

What you want is to add to every username?

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In Excel:

  1. Insert a new column after B
  2. Name C (new) column as “Link”
  3. In C2 paste this: =CONCATENATE(“”;B2)
  4. Then just drag the cell C2 from the lower right corner (little x) all the way to the last row of your file.

I hope that this is what you wanted :slight_smile:


Exactly! Thought there was a way to do it Through jarvee but doing it in excel way is a perfect workaround. Thanks!

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@Molishparty, what tool are you using for scrape?

Just the Jarvee scrape tool

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@Molishparty, with jarvee can I scrape the followers from a parent profile ang get the engagement of them? or from a list of usernames get the number of followers and engagement?

Instagram made some changes to web as well. They’re detecting datacenter IPs on a profile page and redirects you to the login page :slight_smile:

Is anyone here still able to scrape data/user profiles? All my scrapes are coming up empty at the moment.

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I create my own tools for scraping yes its still working until now

can someone recommand a stand alone scrapper? (need user name, number of follower / following). Thanks