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Hey guys,

This group has been super helpful for me I’m constantly learning so appreciate all the help!

I want to be able to scrape Instagram e-mail addresses from bio’s. I’ve had a look at previous threads and I cant really see any in particular that would be able to do this. I’ve posted jobs on fiverr but the people I’ve used haven’t had that much luck really. I was wondering if anyone else had any luck with this? search a hashtag. Say #personaltrainer then this locate’s e-mail addresses based on people who have posted under this niche?

Any help much appreciated!


So you want the email addresses from bios, not the actual account’s emails, right?

One way could be to use a scraper, scrape all the usernames that posted with the hashtag like #personaltrainer, and then run it through a filter to make sure in the bio it has something like “@yahoo”, “@gmail”, a whole bunch of domains, or “.net” “.com”, but that could apply to websites, or even just “@” but that could be an Instagram account tag. From there you’ll have filtered accounts that might have emails in the bio, then just scrape all the user info so that you have all the usernames and their bio description. Then you’d open in it Excel or something and try to capture all the emails out of them. I am not sure how you would do that next step, but if you could get some sort of algorithm that says like “extract the word where there is an “@” in it, and making sure it has characters both before and after the “@” symbol” and that should get all the emails and delete the junk around it. I am not experienced with those equations, but someone might be able to help with that. I know @delagarde is good with that stuff - sorry to throw you in.


That’s right yeah. You have the jist I’ve what I’m trying to do :slight_smile: I just wondered if there was a relatively accurate, quick, efficient way to do this that’s all. I’ve been working with a few people on fiver and there has been issues the one guy scraped the emails but they missed the first letter of each e-mail etc. Wanted something reliable whether its a web scraper or a actual built scraper. Appreciate what you said though that is a possible method what you said!

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You could use footprint in google example:
site: sport “gmail”

And use a good scraper or by hand


A very good one is: scrapebox


What I mostly did at the start was scraping usernames with imristo’s scraper based on hashtags or locations (or whatever :stuck_out_tongue: ). But only returns a list of usernames obviously. Then you can run this through risto’s Instagram manger (free) which gives you bio, follower count etc.

And then I extract the email from the bio using KuTools in Excel.

Pretty easy and doesn’t require spending a lot of time. Since most of it is done for you through applications or scripts.

I generally use a python script for it now, that finds the email by applying regular expression search of the bio. So with that I combine the IG manager by risto and excel in 1 step.


What @nocturnae told you is a good way. You can also use Jarvee to do this (the scraping) and then extract the emails from the csv (many ways to do that, Regex, VBA, ready plugins like KuTools, and more). Jarvee can output a list of accounts + extended data including the Bio. But its not painless unless you get some semi-automated process/script down that will do some of the manual work for you.