Scraping Usernames and building a List with Jarvee

Hey Guys, currently I am using 50 Scrapers for like 50 Accounts. But i noticed that Jarvee having Problems running the scrapers while running the mains at the same time to follow every scraped User.

I was wondering If it’s possible to use the Scraper Accounts only to scrape Usernames and create a Username list in Jarvee. Is this also possible when you are using the Professional Plan and having Instagram Scraper Accounts (without tools). And if you get your daily usernames in a list to use it for your mains to follow afterwards.

For Example: I am using 50 Scrapers and they scraped 3000 Usernames in 1 day. The next day I export the scraped Usernames and build a list. Then I divide the amout of usernames by the amount of my mains and spread them to every main to add them.

I hope I made it clear enough. Every help is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance guys!

Wait, you’re saying that when you are using IG Scrape tools, you can’t scrape 3000 usernames using your 50 scraper accounts a day?

Why do you want to complicate things by scraping and then importing them to main accounts when you can use the Tagname method and Jarvee would use scraper accounts automatically whenever some scraping API calls are needed?

Yes thats why right now I am not scraping with Jarvee, I am building a username list with an external software to extract usernames by certain filters. Then I just spread the list among my main accounts and let them do actions. I save API calls like that and I noticed my scrapers don’t burn out that fast like that.

you can use scrapers to access to the tool section by adding them as normal accounts then you can scrape using Jarvee using those scrapers to build your list.