Scraping users on jarvee

Does anyone here know if it’s possible to scrape users from someones followers on Jarvee and scrape the clickable ‘email’ or ‘phone number’ tabs on businesses profiles?

I can see this on the scrape tool

So I think will work for you,

Thanks, do you know if this is the clickable info which you can see from a mobile device though? Just wondering whether it could be info scraped from the bio of accounts instead.

I checked in my app and the info from the button Contact is the same I have in my profile, so yes JV will extract the info from the profile.

If the scrapped user has it’s email publicly shared Jarvee will be able to pick that up if not then you will get a blank column. Jarvee will get also the email from the bio.

Yeah but you’ll get those scraped data in a CSV file. What difference does it make if it’s clickable or not?

I find that when cold emailing businesses the clickable emails that businesses have listed as their contact info is a lot more responsive than the email in their bio, and it’s usually used by a higher quality business (in my experience).