Scraping users with email addresses

Hey guys! I struggle with this specific thing even though I thought it will be an easy thing to do at first.

So, my goal is the following: I want to scrape users of followers of certain accounts that have a public email address. A short note - I use the most used software here, you all know which one, no need to mention it.

Now, I tried doing this with the “Follow” tool, checking the “Send to Extracted Users” option and checking the “Follow only accounts with public email” option. I’ve set the settings to be quite liberal, 3000-5000 follows per action. As sources, I have a handful of accounts, all of which have 500k+ followers. With all this, the operation has only managed to extract 2 users. I’ve made sure all the options on the follow list to be unchecked, so there shouldn’t be any filter that limits or blocks the extraction process.

I even tried unchecking the “Follow only accounts with private email” to exclude the possibility that among the 5m+ people there is noone with a public email, but to no avail.

So, the thing that confuses me the most is the two extracted people. Why 2, when there are no filters set that could limit the number of people extracted. With every parameter allowed, shouldn’t all their followers be extracted to the extract list?

I would highly appreciate anyone’s help with this one.

Remove the email filter and let Jarvee scrape the users. YOU can use bio keywords to define the target audience. Then go to profile and scrape tools and place you’re accounts there that we’re extracted to get whatever information is missing. I used to do something similar and I think that will work