Scrappers constantly getting PV

I have like 15 scrappers for 100 accounts.
I use the option to scrape and sync only with the scrappers.
But almost every day I have phone validation for 80% of them cames with Compromised password change.
What can I do ? I tried smspva but it is expensive and always return error.


This is also happening to some of my scraper accounts. I think 15 to 100 is too much api calls per scraper account. That’s why you are getting pv everyday. Try to increase your scraper numbers. Even with 1:1 I am already seeing pv quite often.

1:1 :slight_smile:
ok, will do if need. JV not need to charge for scrappers as users lol

I never got PV on my scraper accounts, and they’re constantly scraping 24/7

At some point they get an “Invalid follower sources” message, which resolves by itself after several minutes/hours, but never, ever got a PV on them.
Using DC proxies for scraping, 1:1.

Could it be that you messed up while onboarding them?

I use the setting option to use specific tag for scrappering and syncing, than use USE ONLY EB NO API. maybe it is messed up in JV ?

Maybe try without EB

it leads to PV and AC for clients that is not good