Scrappers Issue - last couple days

Scrappers issue - in last couple days my scrapers die super fast… yasterday i bought 30 new and now most of them email ver.

i use privet IPV4 proxy’s HQ and only 2 scrapers on 1 proxy…

6 accounts for 53 scrapers - some one have same issue?


Are you setting the delays on your scrapers? If not, go to Social Profiles > select the account > check ‘Show Advanced Profile Settings’ and use the recommended settings for the options below to avoid getting temporarily locked

What else you can do is to warm up the scraper accounts first, don’t use them for scraping right away, performs some “real” follow, like, comment, story viewer tool actions for a couple of days, and then start using them for scraping purposes. If Instagram blocks them, then start performing real actions again and go like that in a circle.

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you work with ipv4? some people tell me now that only 4g working from thursday but some people tlel that ipv4 working well too.

I am also using ipv4 for my scrapers and they are all fine. You should add some delay settings.

On the other hand, the scraper accounts quality is important. Newly created accounts with bots can burn quickly.

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I suggest warming up the scrapers with less than 100 API calls per day, and increase by 10 API calls after one week, then see how it goes.

I have scrapers working for more than 3 months, but they are doing only 200 API calls per day.

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Did you also set up the scraper profiles to look natural? Add a profile photo, fill up the bio, then have some warm up activities there too (like,comment,follow/unfollow,view stories, or navigate the explore page) as if there’s a real human managing that account.

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They highly recommend the use of 4G proxies. I suggest you should use that too.


I would try a different provider for scrapers. I use residential and it’s fine, also make sure you have delays

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you can try 4g proxies using the same provider and see how it goes and if the issue persist then change both proxies and the providers an test again

Probably the combination of bad accounts and bad proxies. I suggest try out accounts and proxies from different providers until you find the best combo.

i am also experiencing difficulties with my own created scrapers after the last update. before i was able to create myself through a bot but now my accounts are giving me a hard time

Are you saying that you are using Jarvee and that you are not able to create accounts?

i don’t notice any difference from the last update. what kind of proxies are you using? did you use the accounts for scrapers right after you created them?

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I am also good at experiencing with my own created scrapers after the last update. Also, check your scraper setting.


i think i found the probelm that with my proxy service… with update you tomorow

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The best you can do is to try different proxy providers - to make sure it’s not a proxy related issue

Ask for test from other providers till you find the one that works best for you.

How many scrappers per proxy mobile you suggest, using the settings you suggested?? Thanks

You can have a max of 2 accounts per proxy if I would suggest. This is what they recommend to keep accounts safe.

I use only mobile proxies, currently using a 3g proxy with 10 main accounts. No issues