Scrapping instagram accounts

Hello everyone. I need a download or cloud program that will collect Instagram username or ID for me. Must have filters of the type: -How many subscribers -Has an avatar -Search via hashtag. Can anyone recommend something reasonably priced and easy?

Jarvee: The Instagram Scrape Tools - Jarvee

Jarvee’s too expensive for that, bro.

Hey if I run PVA IG accounts, would I need other accounts only for scraping? Or the same ones?

Theres a well known russian scraper that will cost you about the same with filters etc. Also doesn’t fully finish the job half the time.

jarvee is what you need, it might seem expensive but with all the settings and fiters that you need you see that no other program in the market will work better, you can test the free trial and see how it goes.

Can you share the link for this?

Instaparser but not working

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@Maseria what’s your target number of scraped results per day?

It hasn’t worked properly for a long time unfortunately.

Jarvee is the best option. Everything good comes with a bit higher price.

is that what you were referring to when you said a Russian scraper? do you mean instaparser?

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Yeah there’s 2 versions and instaparser
Havn’t used them in a long time though.