[SCRIPT] How to scrape searchmy.bio for fast lists of high engagement

Saw searchmy.bio listed and after taking a look at it, thought it was a great site, especially for finding follow, repost, and shout (bought or trade) accounts.

But it was flawed in a few ways.

  1. it only loaded 10 at a time, so scrolling takes FOREVER
  2. you can’t sort based on engagement

So i threw together a python script that will take a search term and pull all the results from searchmy.bio, then dump them to a csv so you can sort yourself.

It’s not threaded, so it takes about 1 second for every 10 results. Also, it takes wild cards (like ‘a*’). However, i was experiencing crashes around the 10,000 results mark.

Use for what you will, just don’t smash the site with requests. I suggest using it to pull accounts for a keyword, rename the csv, then repeat for a few other keywords.

should give you solid influencer accounts.

EDIT: Blockquote removed pythonic formatting, so i just pasted below…

EDIT 2: fuck fighting the formatting, here’s a pastebin

EDIT 3: redacted because i realized scrupt could be used to smash resources and that would be bad. Was meant for info optimization but i dont want to be responsible for misuse. Please kill thread :disappointed_relieved:



thanks for the Script Dude :fire: will definitely use it to scrape influencer accounts For my Own interests :grin: +

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This is great. I’ll give it a try.

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Oh wow thanks dude, I’ll learn how to use it.

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mad script bro!

I get this error: Missing parentheses in call to ‘print’. Did you mean print(“Usage: python “+sys.argv[0]+” [Options] use -h for help”)?

Great man! I used it yesterday and with your touch it works wonders now :blush: