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I am new to this forum and have a quick question.

I recently set up a new client account to begin f/uf and when I turned the following feature on it is not following. When I go into the following feature I can (search in progress… ).

Is this my error?

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Please use the search option in the forum.

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@MojoJojo :slight_smile: check

You added any resources?

Proxy, or wait 24 / 48H and it should be ok
Additionally, reset the settings and cookie.

Use the search option next time;)

Even the customer can change the password, but that’s what I would try eventually / at the end

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If I were you, I’d just contact the Jarvee support with all the following screenshots

Do you have many filters? Usually you get this message if it is hard for jarvee to find users that meet all of your filter criteria. Try scraping a list of users with a different account, and using “follow specific users” as the source for the account you are having trouble with.


Usually the search becomes very long when you set a lot of filters making it complex and demanding.

In these cases, we recommend that you increase the search times of the default main settings from 20 minutes to at least 60/90.

Surely quality sources, simpler and clearer filters could help you in the process of growth.

What makes the difference is not working more, but smarter.

We hope we’ve clarified the situation for you,
Trade :alien:


I’m having this issue as well now. It says search in progress and the time stamp is from 6-7 hours ago, kind of like its stuck. :roll_eyes:

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could you please inform where is this setting located? thank you

Where is the setting located? Anyone have an answer as to how to get accs that have been stuck at ‘search in progress’ ? Accounts were performing normally, didn’t adjust any settings, also added new sources and got rid of almost all filters. From searching the forum, this has been a big for 2 years… and it’s still never been addressed?